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OMO~! :”“> Kamsamnida~!! O//O 

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TOP: First Meeting

(Bold - TOP Italic - You)

It was a usual day for you, Sitting on a bench on a park. Listening to music on your iPod. You were wearing clothes that made you comfortable and warm, since, it’s winter. Looking at the kids playing around with their maid or mother, you thought of how good it is to be a kid again. Not noticing a guy calling out at you until, he tapped your shoulder. Removing one earphone at your ear, looking at the guy.

Do you need something?

Uhhm.. Is this yours?" He asked, holding out a cute key chain. It was a black dog key chain, that your mother gave you on your 15th birthday.

Oh! Thank you so much." Taking it from him. You setted it in your bag on the side, and making a mental note to fix the clasp.

So.. Do you live around here?" He said, taking a seat beside you just a few inches away from you. You thought maybe he is new here and wanted to have friends.

Yeah. I just live in a apartment just a few blocks away. You?

I live in a apartment too. Just a little near here. With all the jobs and things. I just wanted to take a fresh air, after all that.

You giggled. “I know that feeling." You grinned.

He chuckled. “I’m Choi Seunghyun by the way." He said in a whisper and smiled back. You were shocked but, you made sure to keep yourself together. So, that’s why his eyes were so familiar. No wonder, you thought. You were a fan of TOP for so long. You had all his albums, music, posters.. Even,  Big Bang’s. So talking and seeing him in person, made you so happy. You gulped, before asking—

You mean you’re, TOP of Big Bang?" You said, making sure you said it in a whisper.

He chuckled. “Yeah. I am." He whispered back, giving you a smile that melted your heart.

So, What’s your name?

Uh.. Uhmm.. I’m _________." As you said that. He was shocked, because he was talking to a non-artist. "Oh. Great." You heard him say, under his breath.

You aren’t a fan of mine. Are you?" He asked.

Well, I am.." You said. Feeling a bit embarassed.

He sighed. “Will you just keep quite and calm down? I’ll act normal too, if you just calm down." He smiled.

You giggled. “Sure." You smiled back.

Do you want to go grab something to eat?

Are you asking me out?

He hesitated at first, but managed to calm down. “Uhh.. Not exactly. Umm.." He said, while scratching the back of his neck.

I would love to.. Seunghyun." You said, slytly blushing.

And that day goes on.. You thought. Maybe this day isn’t a usual day. It’s an amazing day.

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Daesung: First Meeting

(A/N: If Daesung dosen’t have a mini-album. Then, I apolagize. Just.. Think of it. Imagine. ^^ Rather a long scenario. I will post the other three when I have time. ^^ Anyways, Enjoy~)

Bold - Daesung Italic - You Bold&Italic - Extras

You’ve been in the Music Store for like an hour. Trying to find Daesung’s mini-album, since, you’re his fan. You had all his songs in your iPod. But, you just wanted the actual album. Now, here you are in a Music Store just a few blocks from your apartment trying to find his album. After years, of searching.. You found it! You held it in your hand, smiling like an idiot at the album. When, suddenly—

You must really like Daesung.

Of Course! His like.. So handsome, Has an amazing voice and and the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen." After you said that, you felt that your blood going up to your face that makes you feel like your blushing so hard. But, then you realized.. "Why am I saying this to a stranger?!" "Gosh _______. You’re so embarassing." So, you looked up to him planning on saying sorry to him. But then, your thoughts just stopped when you looked at him. Realizing his—

Hi!" You saw the smiling angel, Daesung. He was wearing a beanie to cover his blond hair, his wearing casual cloths and a nerdy glasses that he dosen’t even look like Daesung of Big Bang. But, you were the only one who recognized him.. Beacause probably you were staring at his picture for to long that you memorized every inch of his face. 

Uhh.. Uhh…

Hey. Are you okay?

Yo-You-You’re Dae-Dae—

He chuckled, at the point that your heart melted. “Yes. Yes. I’m Daesung. Nice to meet you." He smiled his billion dollar smile. And reached out to shake your hand. You just stare at him. Then, suddenly—

He laughed, that you woke up in reality. As soon as you woke up to reality you immediately said—

I am so sorry! I was just to shooked that I saw you in person! I’m—" He cutted you off laughing beacause you were bowing to him.

No. No. It’s okay. You don’t need to bow or—

KYAAAA~! IT”S DAESUNG-OPPA~!" A fangirl shouting and pointing to Daeusung.

And there goes my disguise." Daesung said while smiling and shaking his head.

You don’t want to be hurt right." Before you could answer, he suddenly held your hand and ran towards the exit door. Not knowing where to go.

~ O w O ~ O v O ~ ^ v ^ ~ ^ w ^ ~ !

Both of you were panting. As both of you sat down at a bench, it was a small park where people don’t usually go. So, it was just the two of you. It was quite.. You can only hear the street, people chattering, car horning.. And that’s when you realized… THE MINI-ALBUM YOU WERE HOLDING AWHILE AGO! You started to panick.. And it seems that Daesung noticed.

Uhhm.. Miss.. Are you okay?" He looked at you with a worried face. 

The mini-album I was holding awhile ago! I— I wanted to buy it so much." You said as your voiced cracked.

He chuckled as he rubbed your back, that sent you like electricity to your whole body. “It’s okay. I can give you my mini-album." He said with a reassuring smile. And you smiled back.

But, in one condition." You lost your smile, and then turned your head in side ways with a questioning face. He just smiled at you.

Give me your number and let’s go out." He smiled. And you in shock.

Yo-You mean like a date?" You questioned.

Ah.. No. No. Not like that. Like a friend date." He said with a nervous laugh.

Ahh.. I’m sorry for not introducing to you earlier. I’m Kang Daesung. Nice to meet you. And you are?

Ahh.. I’m _________. And.. I would love to go out with you." You said with a huge smile on your face.

(A/N: Didn’t know how to end it.. So, Here~! I did all my effort though. I hope you enjoyed it. :DD I will make some more for the others. So, Stay Tuned~! :>)

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Seungri: First Meeting

Bold - Seungri  Italic - You Bold and Italic - Extras. =))

A sigh escaped your lips as you walk to your work place. You worked in a Coffee Shop next to a Music Store. Working as a part-time job.. Since, you had to pay your bills at your apartment. As you pass the music store something caught your eye. A mini-album of Big Bang “Alive.” You’ve always wanted to buy that album. So, you made a mental note that your gonna buy that later after your part-time. And continued on walking to your work place. You passed the glass doors and headed to the staff room to the changing room. You already changed and headed out to start your part-time. You worked there as a waitress-slash-cashier lady, if ever the cashier lady was absent and you’re the substitute. Time passed by, it’s almost your shift and you got excited that you can buy the album you’ve been waiting for. The door rang it means that there is a custumer. As you looked at the guy.. Wearing a cap, coat and sunglasses. You wondered “Why would he dress like that?” You just stared at the guy walking pass to you to the chair next to the window, and looked to the window while a hand on his chin. Not noticing your co-worker tapping you on the shoulder saying—

Yah! _______  get the new customer’s order so you can head out already."After a few seconds, you snapped back to reality and headed to the guy. When you were sure you’re near the guy you cleared your throat to get his attention. He looked at you and you said the lines to get his order. 

I’ll get a vanilla frappucino.

Is that all?


And suddenly smiled at you that slytly melted your heart. You just smiled back, bowed and headed to the cashier and said what he wanted. After getting his order, you were heading to him and gave his order and he gave you a little piece of paper saying “I’ll be waiting for you outside when your finish here. ^^” You looked at him and just smiled and headed to the staff room to the changing room since your shift is finish. And then headed out, you saw him beside the glass doors leaning on a wall. You came up to him and said—

Do I know you?

He chuckled “Hello to you too. Well, not really. I just wanted to know you. And have a little chat. Do you have any plans?

Oh. Well, yeah.. I have.

Oh.." He frowned slytly.

"You can come with me though. I’m just heading to the Music Store and go home." His face inlighted as soon as you said that. And smiled that melted your heart totally, you just smiled back. You two walked side-by-side. Like waiting for someone to introduce first. You decided that you will start.. Seems like he had the same idea too. Because you two spoke at the same time. You both chuckled and  you said—

You go first.

Oh no.. You go first." He smiled and continued. "Ladies first." And you just gave in and giggled.

I’m _______. What’s your name?

I’m Lee Seunghyun." As soon as he said that name. You stop walking.. And stared at the man.

Yo-Yo-You’re" You gulped.

He chuckled again. “Yes. I’m Seungri from Big Bang. Nice to meet you." he whispered as he grinned.

Oh My God." covering your mouth. As a V.VIP. It was your dream seeing Seungri in personal but, you never saw this coming that you will talk to him in private. 

He chuckled again. “Now, don’t shout or your gonna loss your chance talking to me in private." he grinned.

As he said.. You just inhaled and exhaled until you came down. And finally looked at him. Giving him a smile.

It’s nice to meet you too Seunghyun." Still, smiling.

I insist you calling me Seunghyun-oppa." And both of you finally started walking again and had a little chat. And you already bought your mini-album, and he walked with you until you were at your apartment. 

A/N: OMO! I think it’s kinda.. Uhh… Awkward scenario. AHAHA! As promised, Here is my first Scenario.. I think I’m gonna do the others later. ^^; Hehe.. I did my best though.. Hope you like it~! :DD

What I think of Big Bang members

[Before posting my First Scenario.. Here~]

I have 2 reasons making this note. ^^;

Firstly, I may gain a few friends.. Because, maybe you & I have the same thinking of what bb members are like. Second, It will effect how I write your future requests.. Maybe I will disappoint you that.. It’s not what you think of there personalities the one I’m thinking. So, Let’s Start~! ^^

GD (Kwon JiYong)

I think of him as a Responsible Leader. Funny. Romantic. Handsome. (Obviously.) Composes songs. And has a relationship with Sandara Park. (I’m a DaraGon. :”>) That’s kinda all what I think of him. ^^; *embarressed*

T.O.P (Choi Seunghyun)

Hmm… I think of him as a Bingo T.O.P~ :)) Like a 5 year old kid. Charismatic. Handsome. (HELL YEAH!) Gets crazy. (When off-camera.) Has a cute side/personality. Had 3 girlfriends. An awesome rapper. That’s all~! ^^”

Taeyang (Dong Youngbae)

Uhh… My second bias. :)) xDD Anyways.. I think of him as a Kind. Reliable. (According to what I read. And I think that is true.) Has a cute accent when speaking English. (Watch on youtube. Watch the latest video uploaded by Big Bang. It’s kinda about thanking V.I.P’s for voting them as “Best Fan.”) And like a Primary Elementary Kid. (According to Dara. =))) Has amazing voice. Which, I fell inlove with. :”“> That’s all.. I guess. *unsure*

Daesung (Kand Daesung)

A Smiling Angel. O v O A SUPER funny guy. Has a cute smile. ONLY gets serious when singing. Has a amazing vocals. :) Has good relationships with the other big bang members. Loves Doraemon. ^ v ^ And became so Hot. O//O That’s all~! ^^ 

Seungri (Lee Seunghyun)

My Handsome Bias. :”“> A Cute. Hardworking. And NOT a Playboy Panda. O w O Sometimes, I always wondered why some of the seungri scenarios are kinda making the Cute Maknae like a Playboy. o_O And I read this interview in MINI Magazine (Which is posted in Tumblr.) that his popular being the playboy maknae.. So, He said that.. He is NOT a playboy.. Because some people think that just because he is tha maknae it dosen’t mean that he is a Playboy or something.. So.. Yeah. ^^; Hehe.. Moving on.. ^ w ^ I think he is the only Idol I know that looks good in a bear-like eyes. O w O Hehe.. :”“> That’s All~!

Kinda carried away in Seungri’s part and Taeyang. =)))) NYAHAHA~! Anyways… ^^; I’m gonna post my first scenarios later.. So, Stay Tuned~ :>